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May. 24th, 2010 @ 01:59 pm
Heard some big news today.

I guess I knew partly what was coming, but it didn't change the impact much.


Weak end. May. 10th, 2010 @ 03:22 am
Leading up to this weekend I had visualized so many different scenarios. So many different outcomes, conversations, and activities, and even though I had pictured it all playing out in my head, the actual incidents were still a bit tough to deal with.

It's been a while since I've felt this way.

Hopefully the outcome isn't the same as last time.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Laidback Luke - Club FG 5/1/2010

May. 5th, 2010 @ 10:24 pm
I miss writing.

Sort of.

My mind has been everywhere these days...and although I'm usually the one people turn to when they need someone to talk to, I don't really have anyone. Not that I don't have friends who are willing, but more that I just have so much to say, it's entirely too much to tell someone, and even if I told them my whole story, they probably wouldn't understand...so maybe my LJ is the answer. But I've only done one other private entry, and that was just a chat log...idk. Maybe a confession session is exactly what I need.

Holy shit livejournal. Jul. 7th, 2009 @ 12:24 pm
[12:09] OverflowingCoho: Omegle is such a blatant Project Upstream ripoff!
[12:10] DJ SuUpAa 2005: wat
[12:10] DJ SuUpAa 2005: who is this?
[12:15] OverflowingCoho: coho?
[12:15] OverflowingCoho: COHO?
[12:15] DJ SuUpAa 2005: cowho?
[12:15] OverflowingCoho: so... what's my screen name showing up as?
[12:16] DJ SuUpAa 2005: OverflowingCoho
[12:16] OverflowingCoho: nice
[12:16] OverflowingCoho: you're toxiccoho
[12:16] DJ SuUpAa 2005: o.O
[12:16] DJ SuUpAa 2005: since when
[12:17] OverflowingCoho: this random connecting people to other people program is fun! i'm so glad they sniped my AIM handle off livejournal and made angry people ask "who is this" over and over.
[12:18] DJ SuUpAa 2005: oh wtf, i make my first post in 33 weeks on lj, and i get a random program?
[12:18] DJ SuUpAa 2005: lolol.
[12:18] OverflowingCoho: http://project-upstream.awardspace.com/
[12:18] OverflowingCoho: yeah
[12:18] OverflowingCoho: that's their website
[12:18] OverflowingCoho: i didn't sign up for it either
[12:18] DJ SuUpAa 2005: whats funny is that I don't use this sn
[12:18] OverflowingCoho: but I did add the name that first came up.
[12:19] OverflowingCoho: oh god so funny must contain laughter will die
[12:20] DJ SuUpAa 2005: don't struggle too hard.
[12:20] OverflowingCoho: so
[12:20] OverflowingCoho: any coho's that IM you
[12:20] OverflowingCoho: are in fact confused LJ users who didn't volunteer to be connected to you.
[12:21] OverflowingCoho: enjoy it
[12:21] OverflowingCoho: i've been getting random coho's for 6 months now
[12:21] DJ SuUpAa 2005: haha, so you just get a random IM saying something random
[12:21] DJ SuUpAa 2005: from a coho
[12:21] OverflowingCoho: yeah, that's the bot.
[12:21] DJ SuUpAa 2005: LOL
[12:21] OverflowingCoho: then after that is the real person
[12:21] DJ SuUpAa 2005: that's fucking genius
[12:21] OverflowingCoho: i agree.

Jul. 7th, 2009 @ 11:59 am
Hi livejournal.

It's been a long time.

33 weeks to be exact.

Old school FFA userpic brings me back.

I'm posting this as I'm watching the MJ memorial, I've fought back tears quite a few times.

John Mayer went up about 213578 places in my list, just because he played Human Nature on guitar.

I can't wait to party this weekend. I wanna roll, but I'm not going to.

I'm too skinny. wtb buff.

Okay, I'll put an actual legit post another day.
Other entries
» Beatmania IIDX 16 Empress.
Everytime I hear about a new Beatmania style, it makes me want to start learning it again. Sigh.
» Friday night.
Good night tonight. Went to Knotts Halloween Haunt with Adrian, Kacie, and Sandra. The ride up was pretty amazing, I broke Sandra with logic. After the parking and walking, we get in and I can tell the difference between the last time I came, I'm a lot older, so I can enjoy the park more for how well things are done, rather than be scared or annoyed by the workers. We go in the clown maze, and we quickly realize that the females are prone to scares, but Sandra is amazingly weak to fright. The bulk of the night is spent amusing ourselves off of Sandra's yelps, and the 'monsters', sensing her fear, harass her endlessly, teaming up, one even getting close and spitting game in her ear. After leaving, we went to Dennys and ate, talking about threesomes, kung fu, and way too many "that's what she said" refrences. All in all an amazing night. Would try again.
» Usain Bolt
Holy fucking shit that kid is fast. I never have seen someone that fast. He destroyed the field. Oh, and Mr. Phelps is pretty decent too.
» Bernie Mac dead @ 50.
Ya'll don't understand. Rest in peace.
» Harry Potter = Sexist?
A friend of mine was complaining to me about how bad her english class was, and how no one in her class has any opinion about anything. So she linked me an article, and i tried to argue just for the sake of arguing. It ended a bit abruptly, so I'd want some feedback on it, maybe we can get some discussion going. You should probably read the link in her first message, and read the article.

[18:17] Elaine Young: http://archive.salon.com/books/feature/2000/01/13/potter/index.html
[18:17] Elaine Young: probably
[18:18] Elaine Young: this is the wost written article
[18:18] Elaine Young: ever
[18:18] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: why the fuck
[18:18] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: would you send me a bad article
[18:18] Elaine Young: just read it
[18:18] Elaine Young: its freakin amazing
[18:18] Elaine Young: and someone actually published it
[18:21] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: that was beast
[18:21] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: why do you hate it so much?
[18:22] Elaine Young: beast
[18:22] Elaine Young: are you fucking kidding me
[18:23] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: calm down, its just a word
[18:23] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: i dont mean
[18:23] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: "that was an amazing, insightful, totally correct article"
[18:24] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: i was expecting like poorly worded and bad grammar
[18:24] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: since you said the worst article ever
[18:25] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: but besides her obvious feminism and QQing
[18:25] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: its just an opinion
[18:25] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: we all have one /shrug
[18:28] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: im probably missing your point, and im sorry if i am, please point it out
[18:28] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: but im pretty sure i've read worse articles on the internet
[18:30] Elaine Young: she doesnt cover the fact thats theres another side of the argument
[18:30] Elaine Young: and its so apparent that she is twisting some of the quotes taken form the books
[18:31] Elaine Young: it tough to type it all out
[18:31] Elaine Young: >.>
[18:31] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: i get it
[18:31] Elaine Young: but you see where im coming from right?
[18:31] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah
[18:31] Elaine Young: completely not balanced
[18:31] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: definitely
[18:31] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: of course its not
[18:31] Elaine Young: one side of the story
[18:31] Elaine Young: here you go
[18:31] Elaine Young: no you cant see the other side
[18:31] Elaine Young: not allowed
[18:31] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: lol.
[18:31] Elaine Young: QQ QQ QQ
[18:32] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: well she did take the hermione argument
[18:32] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: and did describe other female chars
[18:32] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: but yeah, she didnt take "every" other argument
[18:32] Elaine Young: iono man
[18:33] Elaine Young: its too one-sided
[18:33] Elaine Young: she basically says
[18:33] Elaine Young: "yea. hermione is smart... BUT
[18:33] Elaine Young: 3 paragraphs of proof
[18:33] Elaine Young: of every single time she seemed like a week female
[18:33] Elaine Young: nothing about when she displayed strength
[18:33] Elaine Young: so
[18:33] Elaine Young: dumb
[18:34] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: can you name a time where she displayed it?
[18:34] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: taking from the article
[18:34] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: "I find myself wanting Hermione to shine, but her bookish knowledge and her sincere efforts can't hold a candle to Harry's flamboyant, rule-defying bravery."
[18:35] Elaine Young: sorcerer's stone
[18:35] Elaine Young: she helped them get through all the obstacles
[18:35] Elaine Young: she didnt just stand around and whine
[18:35] Elaine Young: and she didnt get all flustered with her emotions either
[18:35] Elaine Young: when her and harry got to the potions
[18:36] Elaine Young: she knew which potion would send her back and which would send him forward
[18:36] Elaine Young: and she made the right choice for harry
[18:36] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: that is true
[18:36] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: however,
[18:36] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: "We learn that Hermione's bookish knowledge only goes so far. At the sight of a horrible troll, she "sinks to the floor in fright ... her mouth open with terror."
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: btw, im only taking her side for the sake of arguing
[18:37] Elaine Young: kyle
[18:37] Elaine Young: i understand
[18:37] Elaine Young: but
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: ok
[18:37] Elaine Young: if i had the book at hand
[18:37] Elaine Young: i could pull out so many examples
[18:37] Elaine Young: and thats what the author did
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: i understand
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: thats the point
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: of the article
[18:37] Elaine Young: took as many examples of women being askldjf;asdf
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: of any article
[18:37] Elaine Young: i hate women
[18:37] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: lolllll
[18:38] Elaine Young: i understand
[18:38] Elaine Young: but if someone wanted to make a viable argument, especially one that wouldnt be easily accepted in public eyes
[18:38] Elaine Young: you NEED to make a balanced argument
[18:38] Elaine Young: instead of... yea. shes smart. but
[18:39] Elaine Young: 3 paragraphs of absolutely anything she pulled out of the books
[18:39] Elaine Young: and its not like harry and ron have never let their emotions get the best of them
[18:39] Elaine Young: so its not ONLY the females having issues
[18:39] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: that is true
[18:39] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: but
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: hermione doesnt save the wizard world from voldemort or whoever
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: shes not a heroine
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: shes just like a sidekick in the crew
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: "the smart girl"
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: which
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: is why shes pointing it out
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: and how
[18:40] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: harry and ron basically treated her like shit
[18:41] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: until she helped
[18:41] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: and they still were annoyed by how she was so book smart
[18:41] Elaine Young: ok
[18:41] Elaine Young: nobody usually want to hang out with someone whos always got their nose in a book
[18:42] Elaine Young: and boys, in general
[18:42] Elaine Young: dont like girls being smarter than them
[18:42] Elaine Young: generalization*
[18:42] Elaine Young: so
[18:42] Elaine Young: if thats the case
[18:42] Elaine Young: then its being sexist and stereotyping males as well
[18:42] Elaine Young: like, it can jsut be interpreted in so many stupid ways
[18:42] Elaine Young: if we're gonna go into it like that
[18:44] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: thats the point
[18:44] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: of her argument...
[18:45] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: Harry's fictional realm of magic and wizardry perfectly mirrors the conventional assumption that men do and should run the world. From the beginning of the first Potter book, it is boys and men, wizards and sorcerers, who catch our attention by dominating the scenes and determining the action.
[18:45] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: shes saying that the guys are the general "hero, macho, take charge guys" and the girls are like the "helpless, whiny, support the man girls"
[18:46] Elaine Young: well you see
[18:46] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: which is why she calls the book sexist
[18:46] Elaine Young: as sad as it is to say
[18:46] Elaine Young: guys are known for their courage and sometimes stupidity and luck (which is all harry potter)
[18:46] Elaine Young: and books wouldnt have sold as many if it had been about a girl
[18:46] Elaine Young: known fact
[18:47] Elaine Young: thats a problem with our society though. not the writer
[18:49] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah, thats her point
[18:49] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: shes saying
[18:50] kyle.batson@gmail.com/Meebo: Or are the stereotypes in the story integral to our fascination -- do we feel comforted by a world in which conventional roles are firmly in place?

[18:50] Elaine Young: ugk
[18:50] Elaine Young: all these quotes
[18:50] Elaine Young: are just so lame
[18:50] Elaine Young: piss off
[18:50] Elaine Young: im going home
[18:51] Meebo Message: Elaine Young is offline
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